Bridget Anne KellyLegal Defense Fund

First and foremost, thank you for considering making a donation to my legal defense Fund. The Bridget Anne Kelly Legal Defense Fund has been established out of necessity to help fund some of the legal and litigation related expenses in connection with U.S. v. Bridget Anne Kelly. All money raised by the Fund will be used solely for legal and related expenses. No money will be used for personal expenses of any kind.

As you can imagine, this past year has been extraordinarily difficult. From losing a job that I loved, to being publicly humiliated and ostracized, and now to being wrongfully charged with a crime, I could never have imagined being in this position a year ago. I have committed absolutely no crimes. However, due to the high profile nature of this case and the concerted effort of some of my former colleagues to discredit me and smear my reputation, it has become impossible for me to gain employment and finance a defense of the charges on my own.

I am only seeking a fair chance to fight the unfounded charges and prove my innocence. The jury will determine what really happened, not those self-interested parties who have gone to great lengths at taxpayers’ expense to publicly skew the truth. In fact, the legal fees of every single current and former member of the Governor's Office questioned in this case have been paid by the State notwithstanding the completely unbelievable stories my former colleagues have told. The State of New Jersey has refused to cover my legal expenses despite the fact that all of my actions were lawful and within the scope of my employment.

I am innocent of the charges that have been brought against me,and I intend to vigorously defend myself and tell my side of the story. The toll this matter has taken on me and my four children has been incredible. While we try to continue exhibiting strength, our lives have been turned upside down. I am determined to clear my name and restore a sense of normalcy for my 4 children. This Fund will aid in ensuring truth and justice prevails.

Thank you again for your generous support.